Monday, 9 April 2012

concentrating on one animal

What am I trying to get the viewer to consider? Speculate:

What would happen if I could control the lighting and get a good quality live action shot of the eye or a photograph?
Still question with what I’m doing that’s unresolved. What affect could this have the viewer that’d class it as art?
Concentrate on one animal. Photographing random animals not working. Eye to eye relationship with human and non-human. Can use a dog or if I’m careful stage a vantage point in a zoo.
Depends on motivations for the work
Anything better to get a reflection in the eye rather than myself looking at them?
E.g. reflection of science lab will have a different effect then for e.g. a library
Don’t leave things to accident. Focus on intention. What am I trying to do? What do I want the viewer to understand? How am I going to make this happen?
With first piece, may try filming after dark, cross lighting from outside light and artificial light may make it less contrast-y. When projecting lose the mid-tones anyway.

so far i have filmed close up of my dogs eyes to see if i can get a refection in her eyes

similar to that of bill violas work I do not know what it is i am like

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