Monday, 9 April 2012

Thinking about work so far

2 ideas:
1st piece: filmed upwards of a free flying birds enclosure.
Occasionally get birds flying across. Filmed in HD. Need to test it in space.

2nd piece: photo stills of animal’s eyes containing reflections.

Thing I found in book………….”has the animal become, like that of the taxidermists craft, little more than human-sculpted object in which the animals glass eye merely reflects our own projections?” (Datson and Mitman, 2004, thinking with animals: new perspectives on anthropomorphism, Columbia university press, new york

This may give the work away a bit though. Need to make a decision on which way to go with it

for bird video:
The space in first year area with the angled roof. May need to reshoot work as its filmed at an angle. Will need to cover the ceiling with something because of the surface. Image I have isn’t on the vertical and horizontal axis. Make sure its square if I reshoot. Then find a way of map that onto the surface will be difficult as it’s a natural and subjective shot. Depends what I am trying to do, m I pretending for it to be a ceiling? If I’m not why am I projecting it onto a ceiling?
Nature separated from nature and shown in an unnatural space. Like a box in a box in a box.
Experience of being in botanical gardens. Don’t treat it as an ambient space, you stop and look, it’s a different mode of experience. Not a flaneur. This Victorian period spaces are vaguely church like, hinting at the idea of nature being transcendent and a desirable place to be. This is what my work is doing.
Idea of these places in urban spaces is interesting to consider. Usually we think urban and natural to be separated not integrated. Continuity of nature is inconsistent.

If I could pick any animal what would it be?
A wolf because they are powerful but familiar because of domestic dogs. Idea of animal that’s domesticated but could turn. This is a tension. Is it thinking? Is it conscious? We hope it is but we don’t know what it is its thinking? Does it have a mind in the way we understand what I mind is?
Idea of looking through a telescope; gives perspective of distance and how technology gives access to inaccessible things nearer.
2nd year show with reflections link
Work is improved by considering what is reflected. Me with a camera? Like in bill violas work.
Could I stage this? Use a husky? Wolf like. Could I get her in a studio? Could be the making of the piece of work.
Staging as a proposal. Show as a large photograph.

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