Saturday, 25 February 2012

Some Ideas to test out after Interim going towards degree show

  1. Though about making a cave structure with a modern dining table with raw meat on it. The consumption of animal flesh is the only relationship with animals that our ancestors had that we still maintain. the disjuncture of the modern and past will make this link and the prescence of the meat will focus it. I may make this ofa small scale to test the making of  cave sctructure and figure out how legitimate it will be to make  on  alarger scale. May use modelling moulds for hills to build the walls of it
  2. Similar to above, but in the cave structure have video monitors in the walls in stead of cave paintings using the animals to re-tell a story of modern times. This relates to how we use animals to explain out own societ in stories from folklore and in childrens films like disney etc. ARTIST:Saskia Olde Wolbers
  3. After visiting Poland and coming across there Traditional Road Chapels in an art gallery, i had an idea of possibly making a form of totem pole blending the physical attributes of the human and the animal in carving and linking them both to the earth through the material; ie wood of whose roots are buried deep into the earth
  4. Another variation of this is to use monitors stacked on top of each other showing these physical attributes and abriacted behind a tree-like surfaces as finding a full hollowed out tree may be impossible. And he impersonation aspect of the installation will hint towards our dissassociation with the natural.
Road chapels by Barbara Zambrzycka-sliwa that inspired me for totem idea