Wednesday, 21 March 2012

to do

test HD with blue ray player, HD projector and speakers

Build plynth

Reshoot images

Print and frame images

photographic piece

while i was filming for the main part of my work i photographed some of the animals in the zoo. concentrating on their eyes and getting the reflections of their enviroment in their eyes
condor eye

Indian Antelope eye

Please give a brief description of the work you intend to exhibit specifying materials and size.

Photographic prints (size and number tbc)

Will consist of hi-res images of either the reflections in the eyes of animals or images of animals themselves where the reflection element is present. Need to re-shoot before I can confirm this.
If using the whole image of the animal, I want to find a way to get the viewer to look at the animal’s eyes, may through use of telescopes they can look through which are trained on the eyes of the animal and the reflective element is made evident as the main focal point.
The reflection will contain information of the animal’s surroundings, commenting on their environment.

Please give a brief account of the main themes in your work and how these are contained in the final show?

Nature contained in a human environment (the birds in a zoo with the physical world outside of it) further compressed via digital imaging. By being shown in a gallery it opens it back out into a space containing nature with a natural environment outside. Through the viewer, it is opened out fully in the viewers mind to make them think about the outside natural world
Like showing a mirror to a mirror and getting everlasting reflections.

Please identify any associated Health and Safety/Risk Assessment Issues or any special equipment you may be installing.
Using hand tools to screw the photos to the wall. Lifting the photos onto the fixtures may be heavy with the additional weight of the frames.


Monday 19th march: test projection and how to angle it onto the ceiling
Tuesday 20th march: graduate proposal meeting
Wednesday 21st – Friday 23rd march – finalising how projection will work
Monday 26th March –tutorial and self initiated proposal seminars. Test out blu ray player and speakers this week.
Tuesday 27th March - tutorial and self initiated seminars
Thursday 29th March – reshoot photos
Friday 30th March build plinth

Easter - work out anything glitches, technical problems etc. and print photographic stills and get them framed
Monday 16th- Friday 20th April – perfect work
Monday 23rd April – exhibition preparation, Photo shoots of degree show work for catalogue
Tuesday 24th – Friday27th April – exhibition preparation
Monday 30th April – Friday 4th May – exhibition preparation and consultation week
Monday 7th -11th April Consultation and installation week. Proposal Deadline on Tuesday!!!
Monday 14th-18th May – installation week
Friday 18th May – Deadline for work installation
Wednesday 23rd – Deadline for support work
Wednesday 30th June – Assessment complete Invigilation rota meeting

External examiners

Friday 15th June - Degree show opens

Wood for making plinth: £15 for 1 sheet of 8ft x 4ft 9mm MDF that will be enough is used sparingly
Padlocks and locks for plinth £3-£15
Blu ray player £19.97
Projector: £159

Printing photos: tbc need to price up and sort out what paper I’m using and how big
Frames: need to price these up
Screws etc.: £20?
Telescopes and tripods if required: £12 each (tripod and telescope set)
Travel and admission to Chester zoo: £40

see seminar notes in an earlier post