Saturday, 26 May 2012

A clean projection

 As the ceiling was dirty, the projection didnt show up as clearly as i would've
liked. There was discussion how to prepare the ceiling for the projection, as i wanted the bars on the ceiling involved in my work as a means of intervention, i didnt want to cover them up with paper or cloth. Using some means of projection screen, wouldve have worked anyway as the ceiling was bowed, so the screen wouldnt have been tight enough to clean a crisp image
Painting it would also has covered the bars to some extent and, should i have done that, i would've had to paint the entirety of the ceiling which was impossible without scaffolding. So it was decided that i clean it. The projection was set up to where it needed to be and marked off with masking tape. Using a bucket of warm water and a washing up scourer, i was able to clean the ceiling using ladders. This image shows the masked off area with one section done

 second section
 third section. At the top of this image you can see the projected image and it become evident how dull the projection is on the ceiling in its pre-cleaned state
 This shows the projection in its desired space, showing more clearly how better it looks on a cleaned surface
 Surface fully cleaned
 The masking tape was removed and then i had to perfect the angle of the image
 This was done by screwing the projector down, tightening and loosening the screws to balance out the angle
Screwing down the projector was also done for sercurity reasons

In this image you can see an additional block added to the angled shelf. This was done as i couldn't get my software to correct the angle of the footage and the key stone option on the projectors menu only flipped vertically and horizontally. So by using additional wood, the footage was straightened to fit the area

This image shows the final projection place
Image of the projection box in the state it will appear at exhibition. The projector on top as been secured, The box has been bolted to the floor and the cables have been secured to the wall

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