Saturday, 26 May 2012

 Finished wall. The top (where the paint buckets are) is removable to access the plug sockets. This top section is supported by 2 batons secured to the wall
This wall was sanded and filled, sanded again and had 2 coats of white emulsion
The wall was built first so the one projection could be lined up with the corner of it. this way the box could be placed in a suitable spot to project and i could then go on to work out the angle needed for the other projector.

 The projection box at this stage was simply a box. i had yet to angle the projectors to their required places, the box needed shelves to house the equipment an dthe box in it entirety needed a proper placement and pinting.

Once id worked out where the projections needed to be i then worked out how to get them to fit inside the projection box and keep the same angle
The box was pushed towards the back and the one proctor needed to be on top of the box to angle upwards onto the ceiling. the second projector had to be close the ground and angled down slightly. So i needed a definite shelf for this
I had to work this out first so i could make sure the box would be in the best vantage point to project both films out of the same box

 This is the ceiling projection on a white wall. demonstrating how the angle of the footage doesn't look right being on a flat wall, hence the need of the sloping ceiling in the space.

 Once the angle had been worked out for the top projector, an angled shelf was built so the projection could be anled at the ceiling. a door was added with a lock and holes to keep the internal projector cool

 Side view. Shows the hole in the top for the cables from the projector to go through to the plus and corresponding dvd player
The second hole in the bottom is for the 2nd projector

 Inside view showing the shelves and where the equipment will be placed.
The dvd player and projector shown are linked together. The top shelf will be for the dvd player that will be connected to the projector on top of the box

A view of the finished box once it had been painted

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