Saturday, 26 May 2012

mounting images

 my images looked better floating off the wall as it gave them a better presence. I measured them at 67 inches from the ground to the top of each image with a 1 foot distance inbetween them
4 nches down from the top of the image was where i marked the top of the first baton. the sides were apinted white so they blended with the wall.
I stuck velcro too it in order to attached the images as the aluminium was really light weight
The Velcro was secured with staples

The other side of the Velcro was stuck onto the Velcro strips already on the wall and the stick backing removed.
Using a long piece of wood and a spirit level i marked up where the tops of the images would go so they would be level with each other. With them being on Velcro it was easy to straighten them

This is how the images looked once they were all up. the 2 center ones were placed in this way as a means of drawing the viewer in but without two much emphasis on them making a more convincing "pair" of eyes

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