Monday, 13 February 2012

Latest Idea and things to consider:

Use animals as metaphors in my work? To use a story that can relate to the contemporary and re-tell it in terms of animals metaphor like folkloric stories.
Need to research into what animals traditional symbols what (emotion, event etc)  How can i display this?
ARTIST:Saskia Olde Wolbers: Often taking the inspiration for her stories from actual news articles, television documentaries, and urban legends, each of Saskia Olde Wolbers films narrate fictional biographies into complex backgrounds of global politics, neuroses, and contemporary mythology.
Source: Last accessed: 13/02/2012
Olde Wolbers work does this is a similar way, except she uses abstract animations with voice overs to re-tell news articles 
Animals convey meanings and values that are culturally specific; in viewing animals we can not escape the cultural context in which that observation takes place. There can be no deep primordial relationship underlying the cultural gaze since it must always be meditated by nature.
Source: Franklin.A (1999) Animals and Modern cultures: A Sociology of Animal-Human relationships in Modern Times, Sage Publications
We cant think of animal when we look at it without thinking of its environment. If its in a zoo, we think of the zoo when looking at it and this alters out perception of the animal. This is also something true of artwork - therefore something i need to consider when displaying my work

This is referring to how the installation needs to do 2 things;
  • To confront Contemporary Life
  • People need to be able to experience - not overshadow it in conceptual-ism, needs to be accessible 
(Instituted environments work on the assumption that the participant bring with him the tools - his body and senses- in which to experience the work on a phenomenological level) Need to take these aspects into consideration when making my work   Need to do:
research into what animals represent what event/emotion etc
How i can use this to link to contemporary life

Once done this; 
consider how this can engage the audience
how this can be displayed

Dangers need to avoid: 
it becoming too clouded in symbolism to allow audience access
it becoming childlike and cartoony

Could i use items to suggest the animal? 

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