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Interim12 idea

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My Proposal

diagram showing the gallery space id like

Brief description of the project (its concept and how the space will be used)
The work will contain a single monitor placed on the floor at the top left corner viewed on the map The monitor will display a close up of animal paws walking in deep snow. Fake snow will be made to cover the floor surround the monitor. The reason for the monitor being on the ground is to link the ground in the footage with the physical ground the viewer will stand on.  The fake snow, further pushing this idea forward. The relation to the ground and the feet of the animal in connection to it will then further relate to the feet of the human viewer being in connection with that same ground. This links the human, the animal and the earth together. The installation will function as an impersonation of the everyday world but focus on this particular relationship.
This installation needs to be intimate, so being placed in this small room and a low ceiling forces the viewer to take notice of the ground and the monitor, which will be opposite the door and the first thing seen. The light from the monitor will be bright enough to just about fill the room. If the room were any bigger the effect wouldn’t be as strong.
Logistical requirements
Plug for monitor to work. If socket unavailable, can use extension leads to nearest available one and cover the cables with the fake snow
The fake snow is a mix of powdered crystals when mixed with water turn into dry fluffy snowflake like forms (these will be compatible with electrical and are safe to use in close proximity of each other) These are easy to clean away
Will need a bucket to mix the snowflake and water mixture
Source of funding or division of cost
self funded,
fake snow £22
water: free
bucket: free
extension lead (if required):free
dvd: £2.69
Total: £24.69

As you can see i have developed the idea from the "First Idea". This has been done by banishing the use of the chair as i feel tha overcomplictes the piece. The link between the digital ground and the physical ground created by the use of the fake snow, i feel is enough for the viewer to make that conection. And haing the TV on the floor instead of on a plynth will draw the attention to the idea of the "ground"

The video footage used is available to watch here:


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