Sunday, 11 March 2012

reflection on feedback

key points from interim
  • immerse projections that include the audience as part of the work
  • changing the eye level of the viewer perhaps by raising the ground level
  • work out technicalities- editing, have control on duration, make animal sighting rare not looped
  • try intervening with something sculptural?
  • seperate the 3 components; animals, landscape and human. human is the viewer, focus on landscape and animal
  • use traces of the animal without seeing the animal
key points from tutorial:
  • make something in space and play with it rather than working it out in a book
  •  strip down the components and keep them separate
  • get my own feedback through experimenting
  • set myself a time frame work
  • is the landscape enough on its own?do i need the animal?
  • make the viewer part of the artwork as a third components
both feedback's tell me to
  • separate the components
  • set myself a time framework
  • include the viewer in the work

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