Sunday, 11 March 2012

Getting on with something

Going to film inside a free flying bird enclosure. Aiming the camera upwards at the ceiling.
The idea of birds flying under a roof isn't natural. I want to project this onto a roof of a space. This will be technically difficult but ill worry about that after making the work

As it'll be my own footage the duration will be controlled by me. The birds will fly across on their own will so i don't have the control but the spontinuity of nature will be there so the footage will not be looped. By projecting upwards the eye level of the viewer is changed as the work will be above them

Ill be filming on Wednesday and editing on Thursday this week. the following week ill be working out how to project this and make the work sit. then ill see what happens
the components of animal and landscape are separate as there is an absence of the landscape. the human component is the viewer.
May include something that hints at landscape in the space but ill see how the work sits

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