Friday, 9 March 2012

feedback from Interim

wolf paws and snow piece 1

Summary of Session
Snow piece: Edit doesn’t flow. Project footage on snow?
Edit makes you think of repetition, its unnatural. Is it important that we are grounded on the earth as they are?
Dialzeil and scullion. Projection and the immersive –
In streets only light is from human beings, how humans are kept (like lizards under heat lamps. Zoological. When you can watch TV why goes out and be with animals?
Changing the height of the ground level. False floor. To eye line level. Seems like I’m exploring projected image in a designed environment. Pre xmas work, odd artificiality.
Connection to human environment, what expression that is? Footage projected into whole space.
Ocean pieces an impression of experiencing the wild. Secondary effects of artificial to replicate the natural
About the footage. Get own. If it takes a month to get it it’s a time restraint not restriction
Use spirit (my dog who looks like a wolf)

On 2nd piece.
Footage on YouTube. Interesting to get onto the eye level of the animal. Vulnerability of being human. Won’t go out to the wild unless we are armed. Animals in natural habitat. We would be at the animals’ mercy. This idea and capturing of animals to display them- tension?
Poetic idea using the ground
Potential really nice piece of work. Need to work out the technical aspect.
Use footage without the landscape. Components of the wild without it being the wild. Intervene using something sculptural. A mound of articifial snow and footage in another part of the room. Enticing something abstract as landscape components. Needs separating out.
White cube good space to raise questions. Gallery is cultural habitat.
Bring an animal in? RISK ASESSMENT!
Using found footage? Need control of duration of footage. Edit better.
Lars Vintier- makes films similar to bill viola makes art videos, slows up and makes them poetic. His snowfall footage be good to look at
Slowed down the piece with the snow, be poetic and hypnotic.
Driving in the snow is like being in a vortex.
Frozen planet trapped 2 wolves where they dropped the camera man off as the wolves were hunting
Photographing tracks in the snow and how the tracks change over the days.
Subtracting part of the image and talk about the animal through its trace without showing the animal itself. Replicate this? Use sand and night vision cameras.
Want to DE clutter previous work. Spread the components throughout different rooms through the gallery. Make the footage so the animal occurrence is a rare thing not looped every 2 mins.
Camera on dogs collar?


Course of Action Agreed

Dialzeil and scullion. Project red light and chicks hatching. Another work, use aluminum foil out an artificial fire to replicate the moon reflecting on the ocean.
Lars Vinterienr- makes wildlife films similar to bill viola makes art videos, slows up and makes them poetic.

 ARTISTS: Dialziel and Scullion

The Dalziel + Scullion studio is located within the city of Dundee in Scotland. The studio creates artworks in photography, video, sound and sculpture that explore new artistic languages around the subject of ecology. The work strives to visualise aspects of our shared environment from alternative perspectives and to re-establish and re-evaluate our engagement with the non-human species we live alongside.

They have been selected for important national and international exhibitions including the British Art Show and the Venice Biennale and have been awarded numerous awards and prizes including being short-listed for the international Artes Mundi Prize 2008. Dalziel + Scullion are frequently invited to be keynote speakers at leading conferences and symposiums on the subject of art and ecology including: Tipping Point, a conference of invited artists and scientists to explore the wider cultural issues around climate change at the Institute for Climate Impact Research, Potsdam, Berlin; the Scottish Governments Arts and Environment Scotland; Climate Change - Gauging the Temperature at The University of Wales; Art In The Land University of Glasgow; Fieldworks at Tate Modern; and Art and Nature at Tate Britain. Dalziel + Scullions work is also published in seminal survey books including Land Art, published by Tate publishing and L’Artiste Contemporain Et La Nature, published by Hazan.

Our work explores mankind’s relationship with nature and how we interact with the ecology of the earth. It is widely agreed that mankind is at a critical point in our collective history where our philosophical, political and economic drivers have taken us to a point of ecological and humanitarian crisis.

We believe that new ideas and ways of living will be born out of revolutionary attitudes towards nature, and that - like the Copernican revolution - when the earth was revealed not to be at the centre of our universe, we need to awaken to the fact that the earth does not revolve around mankind.

Our co-existence as equal entities reliant and bound to everything else seems a long way off in our social and philosophical development. Our studio strives to challenge existing attitudes towards nature and reawaken audiences to a wider ecology that encompasses both the abundance and limitations of the earth's bounty.

We have extended the scope of our practice from gallery works and site-specific artworks to look at the ecology of place and how artworks and art concepts can help regenerate and revitalise areas aiding the development of sustainable local communities, as well as nurturing relationships with the land and its wider ecology.

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