Friday, 9 March 2012

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Summary of Tutorial

Info about the seminars. In interim, looking for ways we can constitute practice.
Reading is good but not progressing. Need to do something else. Got ideas on paper that needs fathoming out. But ruling them out before trying them. One suggestion would be material research or testing. Instead of coming up with an idea on paper, and ruling it out just do things. Interim is put things in space and see what happens. Not allowing that to exist so not has that element where it surprises you. Need to create the opportunity for myself to say “that isn’t doing what I want but isn’t that interesting?” Start doing stuff and testing. What’s the “its not a good idea” based on? If you rule them out before you’ve made them.
Strip things down to certain components. The wolf and fake snow piece has a lot to play around with. Where could this go? What could this be? How could it develop? Got it set in my head that I have to make this really complex piece of artwork, which makes me forget that I can work with very striped down components and make something really engaging?
Can be provisional. Find ways to test things so you can see what it can become. Gap between end product and what I’ve done in a book. Need to do more of what vie done in the interim show. Play round with things in the space and see what happens. What new things come out of that? The point of research in terms of reading is that you start to uncover things that are really interesting. Need to do the same with the artistic materials I work with. Don’t have to sit down and make a plan and make something that’s been instigated. Doing artwork is a way of finding out what it should be. Try different footage, try it with an object. And you’ll speculate oh that’s working. Make it smaller, faster, bring in an object?
Get my own feedback, don’t rely too much on other people’s feedback but through investigation I can get feedback for myself and make decisions from it.
Not exhausted the subject. Need to find a route for myself. Not being speculative so I’m not surprising myself anymore.
Art is about finding out about things and investigating the world.
Something happening in the wolf paws and snow. Play around with it maybe sees this don’t work but what if I did this? Point of progression is to realize this. Positive is that I’m reflecting cause I’ve found something else.
Create conditions. Only person who can resolve things is me. Don’t panic, got a framework an a time period to work with
On about running wolves: technicality, stylized natural history filming, loop, editorial collision and a disruption. Am I announcing that it’s constructed and breaking down the images of the pure natural image. Basic but revelatory. Do I need the wolf in it or is that landscape enough? Memorizing but not right. Barrier between you and the landscape. Can be described as investigating our relationship with landscape.
Animals and landscape can be explored together. Have landscape on its own and have wolf componant somewhere else. Constructed idea of what our natural idea is. World re introduced cause they were killed off, their presence is more natural than it was but it still isn’t natural cause humans have tampered with it.
How we understand our place in the landscape and an animals place in it. Yellowstone national park wanted to remove all humans including indigenous tribes. If it had people in it wasn’t natural. Even though the tribes helped maintain the eco system, they killed what they needed and kept animal populations in control. When they moved out the vicious animals were killed and there is too many “friendly” animals and now nearly all the plants are gone.
 Complex but engaging subject matter. Animals and land 2 components we are one component and viewing it we can be kept separate. Effective cause I’m taking the work apart and saying ok these are components, and I’m dealing with them separately but they are dealing with each other, whether they are in the same space. Worth thinking like that. Deal with the landscape in isolation but in relationship to an animal. Image of an animal and an image of the landscape we’ll make that connection. Is that their natural environment? Is it ours? Can use both the landscape and the animals as part of the same conversation. Where I can start to play around with the items in a space.
If you walk into a space ahead of me and that space is a landscape, I am picturing you in that landscape cause that is what I can see. Projected landscape or painted whatever, floor to ceiling so it’s big. From my position you have become part of that landscape. If you look back and there is an image of a wolf, you are seeing me in relationship to a wolf. There is away I can work with an exhibition space. People can become part of the things they are looking at or relative to them. Putting the viewer in between the two things like putting a barrier in-between the animal and its natural environment

Course of Action Agreed
Play around with things in the space as part of material research

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